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New Information
1. International Joint Inspection to Turkish Ceramic Ruins (March, 2006)

Joint Inspection in Edirne, Turkey
To form the wide network of the ceramic trade research, several ruins in Turkey, the west edge of the Asian ceramic trade at the early modern age, were inspected with the researchers, Ms.Naniek from Indonesia and Prof.Hsie Mingliang from Taiwan, the relay point of the Hizen ceramic trade. An active discussion bounced during eight days inspection at Iznik, Kyütahya etc. with Mr.Ömür TUFAN in guided, curator of the Topkapi Palace Museum.
2. The 7th Ceramic Special Training (July, 2006)

Training in the Kyushu Ceramic Museum, Arita
In inviting Ms.Ekowati, Jakarta National Museum and Ms.Wang Su-chin who researched ceramic shards of Zeelandia Castle Ruins in Taiwan, we took the training of newest ceramic research on 3 weeks in the Kyushu Ceramic Museum at Arita and the Machida City Museum at Tokyo. Without any problem, it became the opportunity of a new exchange expansion though it was training by the participant between multinational, differed up to now.
3. The Joint Excavation Research in Indonesia (August & September, 2006)

Research in the Tirtayasa Site
The excavation research in Tirtayasa Sites, Banten and the Wolio Castle Ruins, Buton Island that had continued up to now was executed in cooperation with the Indonesian National Archeology Research Center. The excavation in Tirtayasa became the seventh times, and was able to understand a whole structure of the Sujung sluice ruins. In the third research of the Wolio Castle Ruins excavated the moat that existed outer southern wall, and the character was clarified. Each result of the research after 2004 will be published in the research report book of the schedule for 2007.
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