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Association of Asian Cultural PropertiesCoopertaiton (AACPC) Toward International Exchange through the Cultural Heritage
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Our Activities
Built Up Mutual Trust.
Human Exchanges :
There are several symposiums that has done in Japan and Indonesia, the exploration of Japanese young researchers for Indonesian archaeological sites, and special training in Japan for Indonesian young researchers as a content. We have especially built a deep relation to the cultural organizations of Indonesia such as the National Archeology Research Center by various exchanges since 1991.
Joint Projects:
We discovered new facts, and have shared them also by doing various activities in cooperation with Indonesian side such as the National Archeology Research Center. In joint projects until now, there are analysis of ceramic shards, the excavation research (Tirtayasa Site, Banten & Wolio Castle Ruins, Buton), and some publications.

Symposium in Osaka, 1992

Analysis in Banten Lama, 1993

Training in Arita, 2004

Publication of Excavation Report of Tirtayasa, 2000

Excavation in Tirtayasa, Banten 1997
Exploration in Banten Lama, 1995
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