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Association of Asian Cultural PropertiesCoopertaiton (AACPC) Toward International Exchange through the Cultural Heritage
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Association of Asian Cultural Properties Cooperation is a Non-Profit Organization that aims at advancement of human exchange and mutual understanding for the cooperation of cultural properties among Japan with Indonesia or other Asian districts in archeology and ceramic study fields etc (established on January 25th 2007) .
To the opportunity of the activity beginning of our predecessor organization, the Japanese Society for Banten Site Studies, is holding of " the Exhibition of Hizen Ware Abroad " in Kyushu Ceramic Museum (Arita-cho, Saga) in 1990. At this time, many Hizen porcelain (‘Imari ware’) found in Indonesia such as the Banten Lama site, Java Island, was exhibited, and the society was born from this event.
During 16 years after that time, we continued various activities aiming at mutual understanding with the researcher in Asia, especially Indonesia. Now, as Non-Profit Organization we are working in cooperation with Asian districts with standing of the principle that cultural properties cooperation should be based on establishment of trust relation through the way of inhabitant commitment.
the Banten Sites
Generic name of ruins related to the Banten Islam Kingdom(Sultanate), remained in north coast of the west end of Java Island (90 km west of Jakarta). Because it was located in the strategic point of the East-West trade that faced the Sunda Straight between Sumatra with Java and its active production of worldwide trade goods peppers, the Banten Sultanate was one of the port city nations prosperous most from the 16th to the 18th centuries in the Southeast Asian Sea Area.
In Banten Lama site, the former capital, the Srosowan royal palace ruins and the Fort Spilwjik ruins, etc had been remained, and also there are religious facilities such as the Great Mosque and the Kuangying Buddhism Temple in where still many pilgrims are worshiping gather.
More 300,000 shards of ceramics were chiefly excavated from the Srosowan royal palace ruins.
the Great Mosque of Banten the Surosowan Royal Palace ruins View of the Kuangying Buddhism Temple from the Fort Spilwjik ruins Hizen Porcelain found in Banten Lama
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