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Association of Asian Cultural PropertiesCoopertaiton (AACPC) Toward International Exchange through the Cultural Heritage
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Transition to NPO Corporation
A current activity as arbitrary group of NGO, the Japanese Society for Banten Site Studies, was able to build up the mutual trust with parties concerned in Indonesia by obtaining the evaluation and have been thought the role of cultural properties for local inhabitants. However, we cannot help looking straight at there is no continuous income when thinking about the development in the future, and greatly an element unstable as clerical work is not organized certain moreover.
In the situation of cultural properties of Asia and Japan it can be said that today progressive cooperation between both sides is inevitable. There is the opportunity where our current experience should be greatly made the best use.
It may think about such a current state, to deepen at international understanding through the cultural property, and to widen the exchange in various places in Asia other than Indonesia, we developmentally reorganized as a Non-Profit Organization, Association of Asian Cultural Properties Cooperation, on October 29, 2006.

We, all directors, would like to hope your support and understanding.
Chief Director : Ohashi Koji
Sub-chief Director : Sakai Takashi
Director : Egami Tomoko and Takimoto Tadashi
Inspector : Tajiri Eizo
Moreover, a new member (fee: individual 3,000 yen, a corporation 50,000 yen each year) from whom it is agreed to our activity is recruited.
Our Work
The following work will be done based on a long time experience to assume construction of mutual trust to be the first.
Non-profit Works
1. Various exchange activity such as invitation/dispatch of scholars, mainly in archaeology and ceramic study
2. Research and study, mainly archaeology and ceramic study
3. Publication of concerned books
4. Cooperation and exchange with foreign/domestic institutions of archaeology and ceramic study
5. Consulting service of cultural properties cooperation of Asia, mainly in Indonesia
6. International exchange support such as translation interpreters
7. Cooperation for exhibition activity in museum
8. Other cultural properties cooperation
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